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My consulting process is focused on learning more about your business, industry, and competitors so I can provide the best recommendations that will help grow your company. With that said, I offer two types of consulting services; recorded online video or live consulting.

Recorded Online Video Consulting

You contact me with the areas you would like some guidance with such as your website, online promotion etc. I'll take this information and analyze your website and the information you have provided. Then I literally walk you through what needs to be changed to improve your website or marketing efforts. You'll be able to see my computer screen as I talk you through specific problems and solutions that should be implemented. This is literally like looking over my shoulders as I provide you guidance regarding any area of your website or web marketing you need help with.

This option is a great starting point to give you a feel of what I offer. It's also perfect for people with busy schedules because you can watch the video at your leisure. So contact me today to request a recorded online video consulting session. I also offer a website SEO Website Audit Services. Or consider my other live consulting option below.


Live Consulting

This option is more involved and ideal for businesses that want to meet face to face or have a discussion over the telephone. It encompassed 4 phases.

Phase 1: Discovery
This stage is like being on a first date where I try to discover more about your business and needs. Based on this information, I'll be able to better research your industry and what your competitors are doing. The more information you can provide the better it is.

Phase 2: Planning
Once I've done my competitive analysis, I will document and present my findings. This type of report will include what your most successful current competitors are doing now online and how we can improve on their success and tailor similar strategies to your business. We will uncover what is currently effective for your competitors in each market, what they are doing to engage with their customer base, and how they promote their products online. Most businesses are usually shocked with the information we find and the opportunity it presents to their business. Ultimately, by building on what is working in the market now, bettering those techniques and strategies, we can plan the most effective internet marketing campaign for your company.

Phase 3: Deliverables
At the end of the planning phase, we will have assembled a detailed web marketing plan that will provide the exact initiatives and web based mediums that your company will use to build your presence and market share online. This plan will address inquires like: What types of changes to your website can be made to increase conversion? How do I increase customer interaction with my products through reviews and testimonials? Which Social Networks are most effective for my industry, how and what can your company do to create a presence that will attract visitors, generate fans, and ultimately increase sales?

Phase 4: Execution
After we've established what needs to be done from a web marketing perspective, it is now time to execute the plan. Obviously you're busy running your business and may not have the time, experience or people to tackle the marketing plan. But fortunately we are able to provide you with the proper resources and at a fraction of the HR cost that hiring a full time marketing team would demand. It's a complete hands off approach which is ideal for a busy business owner like yourself. I will personally assemble and manage an experienced team that will execute the internet marketing plan we build for your brand. I will be your single point of contact and will communicate your brand’s vision online to each member of the team. So when you have a question, you just need to contact me rather than being bounced around from department to department.

Ready to grow your business online? Please contact me today.

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