Don’t Buy Another WSO…


So before you buy another WSO, here's what to watch out for so you don't get screwed or scammed!


1. Fake Reviews

There is nothing worst than reading WSO reviews like; "oh this product is well put together", "the product owner has over delivered", blah blah. Who cares about that? You want to see reviews from people that are successfully using the WSO and doing what it claims like making money! So ignore any reviews from people that have less than 10 posts under the name or comes from fake warrior accounts created to post positive reviews. You can usually spot these from a mile away because they come from warriors who never really participate in the forum!


2. Temporary Loop Hole?

Too often the latest WSO may be taking advantage of a loop hole that will be quickly closed as soon as every other warrior buys that WSO. You can't build a real long term online income around that. So always ask yourself (and the product creator) is this a long term strategy? Can I implement it fast enough to make my money back? If it's not, save your money! You probably won't make your investment back fast enough.


3. More Support Please…

So inevitably you buy a WSO and there is an element in it that you don't understand or just need some additional guidance. You email the product owner and they shooo you off to an FAQ page or a ticket support system that may be manned by someone that just copies and pastes canned responses. And good luck trying to get support months or years later. Usually the product creator is gone or moved on to pushing some other WSO.


What Should You Invest In?

Look, I'm not saying all WSO creators practice the crap I described above. Some are good! But stay away from the ones that are like what I described! You should definitely invest money in your internet marketing business & career but do it wisely.

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